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Hinged Doors

Hinged Doors Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Gympie

If you're looking for hinged doors at competitive prices, you've come to the right place! Online Windows provides a complete solution to all your door requirements, including a stunning selection of hinged doors. Our hinged doors are available for rapid delivery across southeast Queensland, including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Gympie. If you're looking for a high-grade single- or double-door that offers excellent quality and value, you've come to the right place.

Why opt for Hinged Doors?

A traditional door design that doesn't date, a hinged door is a classic answer for a secure, attractive and highly functional portal between your indoor and outdoor space. Hinged doors have two or more hinges on their edge adjacent to the wall. The hinges carry the weight of the door, enabling it to move freely inwards or outwards. Hinges are available to support doors that only swing open one way or to accommodate a door moving both ways.

1. Ideal for Larger Door Frames

If you have a large door space, a hinged door can be a good solution. There are some very strong hinges on the market, and the option of adding more hinges if needed means that it can easily support a big, heavy door. As the hinges take most of the door's mass, a hinged door is typically easy and light to operate. This means any member of the household can open a hinged door without assistance.

2. A Secure Option

We make our hinged doors from durable, toughened glass in a powder-coated metal frame. Australian made from premium materials to a demanding build specification, these are robust doors that meet all the relevant requirements for a secure entry and exit point to your home. Not only do hinged doors provide a reliable barrier to unauthorised entry, but we install them with the challenging Queensland climate in mind. Resistant to the effects of UV light, these doors can also withstand rain, wind and saltwater.

3. A Beautiful Addition to Your Home

We can tailor our selection of hinged doors to meet your personal tastes when it comes to styling. Once you've chosen the size and style of door you want, there are several other options for customising your purchase. A choice of four different powder coatings and a selection of glass types (including clear, opaque and tinted) enables you to create a door that's exactly right for its intended location.

4. Easy to Install and Maintain

Once installed, these high-grade doors are virtually maintenance-free. Aside from keeping them clean and occasionally oiling the hinges, it's unlikely that any further work will be needed to maintain appearance and performance for many years.


Where are your hinged doors made?

Like the rest of the products at Online Windows, our hinged doors are all made in Australia.

Do you provide custom-made doors?

Our doors are available in the sizes given on our website. These fit most conventional homes.

Find our selection of quality Hinged Doors below. Order online for fast delivery to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Gympie & across South East Queensland. All our aluminium doors are 100% designed & manufactured in Australia.

2100mm x 904mm. single panel hinged door


 Item Notes   - Single Panel Hinged French Door 2100mm High x 904mm Wide- 102mm Perimeter Frame- Comes Standard With Black Key Lock Hardware - Clear 4mm Toughened Safety Glass- N3 Wind Load – 600 PA serviceability – 1400 PA ultima..

2100mm x 1728mm. Double panel hinged door


Item Notes   - Double Panel Hinged French Door 2100mm High x 1728mm Wide- 102mm Perimeter Frame- Comes Standard With Black Key Lock Hardware - Clear 4mm Toughened Safety Glass- N3 Wind Load – 600 PA serviceability – 1400 PA ultimate&nb..

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